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Union Pan Exhibitions


Vision & Mission



“ To develop the organization and employees to their excellence and move forward together with customers by giving utmost satisfaction to visitors. ”


  • Manufacturers and exporters use trade exhibitions as a center stage for trading and idea exchanges between manufacturers and consumers.
  • Many products and services are developed in response to demands of their respective markets to the extent that they meet standards and benefit from trade exhibitions as a market mechanism.
  • To promote the development of trade exhibition business to meet national competency standards.
  • To arrange exhibitions, conferences, assemblies under global standards.
  • To be a place where entrepreneurs cultivate their new business ties and foster the old ones.
  • To be a place where traders generate progress of their business.
  • To bring advantages to customers’ business in domestic and international level which will, in turn, support the local economies of community where our company operates.
  • To arrange significant exhibitions and conferences in which participants can greatly and joyfully learn about new exhibited products and expand their knowledge.

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